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-German material designed specifically for Empreinte

-Superior European fabrics for better strength, longevity                  

-Lasts twice as long as other brands

-Chimney back creates a perfect balance between the bra’s front, back and sides ensuring the bra stays in place all day long and no slipping straps

-Precisely cut blocked fabrics create flat side panels and bring fullness of the breast to the front for an up and in shape

-Rounded Tshirt bra shape completely invisible under clothes

Fitter Tip: Empreinte bras fit one cup size larger then regular bras so go down one cup size then what normally fits you perfectly. Ex if you are wearing a F or DDD cup you will be DD or E cup in Empreinte.

Fitter Tip: Did you know red disappears under white so the red bra would great as a neutral under light colours and the embroidery does not show through at all, it will look like a smooth Tshirt bra under clothing.

Empreinte Cassiopee

  • Hand wash and lay flat to dry. Recommended wash Eucalan no rinse gets rid of sweat and stains but is so gentle on the bra.

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